Hunt Cabinets

Hunt Cabinets feature intricate carvings of birds, animals, people and more. We have found cabinets made as late as the 18th century from Belgium, France, and England.  These cabinets were built to last usually made from oak or cherry wood.

Hunt Cabinets...

Antique Violins

The beautiful workmanship and sound of a Gunter Maback violin is something a person cherishes deep in his heart.  As a musician or collector owning an instrument like this one....

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Bronze Statues

In my travels I have located several high quality bronze statues created by artist who were known for their craftsmanship and talent.  This one of a girl playing a violin is one of my favorites.

Bronze statues...

Antiques, Arts, and Collectables

Hunt Family Treasures specializes in antique Hunt Cabinets coming from England and France.  Be sure to take a look at our Bronze Statues, Antique Violins, and Art Collections.

French Hunt Cabinet
French Hunt Cabinet
French Hunt Cabinet
French Hunt Cabinet